Thursday, August 07, 2008


I've been up since 3 a.m. And not in the good, Matchbox 20 way( wait, did i just say that the Matchbox 20 way was good ?-Kee-rist, I am TIRED!).
At some point between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m., I formulated a great fucking post, but then it disappeared while I was in the shower. Washed away like so much shampoo and conditioner.DAMNIT!!!!!!
I put an "l" in Fucking by mistake, and I kinda like what it did fuckling is kind of a cool word. Like you could call someone a "fuckling". Can I add that to "hellfuck" on the list of words I have created ? Wow, I'm becoming quite the vulgarian, it seems.

Back to shampoo and conditioner....Is there a difference between conditioner and creme rinse ? Do they even make creme rinse anymore, or was that just an old-fashioned word for
conditioner ? Anyone know ? Anyone ? Anyone ?

I had toast for breakfast this morning instead of cereal. It was a pleasant change of pace.

My cat bit me this morning. My Special Lady and I were trying to give him his antacid pill(don't even fucking ask) and that little fuckling bit my finger.

I have not listened to anything but the Grateful Dead for the last 6 days. I put my "Good Ole Grateful Dead" Playlist on random last Friday, and I am about halfway through. I have my Ipod on in my office just about all day, and I put in on when i go to bed, and it plays till I wake up.

"Please forget you knew my name, my darling, Sugaree."


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