Monday, September 08, 2008

Meet My Ties Volume 26!

Grateful Dead
Dancing Bears First Set
100% Imported Silk
Handmade 1996 GDP

The Dancing Bears tie. Today would have been PigPen's 63rd birthday, so I thought in his honor, I would put up a Grateful Dead tie. Because we all know how much PigPen loved his ties.
Okay, so that connection is tenuous at best, but I'm tired this morning, So here's a closer look at the damn tie.

And here's a video of the Grateful Dead(Pigpen on lead vocal and harp) performing "Next Time You See Me". So dig THAT.

Happy Monday, Crimestoppers !!


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Daniel was right - you have a cool blog. RIP, Pigpen. Very sad that's he's gone. Spiffy tie, he would have been honored :)

Paticus said...

barbara(aka layla): thanks for the kind words and the visit. Yeah, Pig was one of a kind.