Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yo Yo Yo, It's MC Berfday !!!!!

I really wanted to find a picture of MC Berfday from the Simpsons(also appeared as MC Safety w/ The Caution Crew), but apparently, I am the only person on the planet with a jones for MC Berfday.

So I will not have MC Berfday to help me wish a happy birthday to my glorious 3 year olds, RLB & LAB.( can you tell I like writing the words MC Berfday ?)

Perhaps, in lieu of MC Berfday, I will quote Los Beatles....

"Bew neuw neuw neuw neuw neuw
You say it's you birthday
Bew neuw neuw neuw neuw neuw
It's my birthday too,yeah
Bew neuw neuw neuw neuw neuw
They say it's your birthday
Bew neuw neuw neuw neuw neuw
We're gonna have a good time"

Three years ago today, I received the best birthday present ever. Here is the birth story.

What can I say about them ? They drive me crazy, and I fall more in love with them everyday.

Happy birthday girls... I love you.


c2 said...

Very Happy Birthdays and lots of hugs to all three of you!!!

sh said...

Happ Birthday Paticus and Girls!

Miss Ann Thrope said...

Happy birthday all of you!

Michele said...

A very happy birfday to you and the girlies!

Feral Mom said...

Happy birthday to you and your gorgeous girls! They are getting so big. Hope you had a great day with them...and welcome to the 3's. [evil laughter].

We're here for you man. On the plus side...more cute coordinating twin outfits headed your way within the season!

Paticus said...

Thank you all for the wonderful berfday wishes !!!