Wednesday, October 08, 2008

School Of Rock: Definitions....

I have never been particularly comfortable with definitions when it comes to music. Acid rock, hard rock, stoner hippie crap... I never knew what was what. And forget about it if you start talking about rap, hip hop, freestyle....My one definition was always..."I know what I like". A bit of a copout? Probably, but what the hellfuck, right ?

I mean, I really don't care whether something is pop or nerd rock or wuss rock...If I like to listen to it, I'm gonna listen to it. If I don't, then I most likely won't.( And if you try to make me, I will make sure that you are so miserable listening to it, that you may never want to hear it again.) I don't really understand all the need for all these classifications, can't it just all be music ? is that so much to ask ?

Is Green Day punk ? Don't know. Don't care. I like some of their tunes though.

Is Bon Jovi rock ? Soft metal ? Who cares ? It's all shit anyway.

Is John Denver wuss rock or neuter rock ? Don't care...Still love Rocky Mountain High and Take Me Home, Country Roads.

Is Dave Matthews a jam band or rock or what ? I don't care...It makes my ears bleed either way.

Is Pat Benatar ovary rock or vagina rock ? Does it matter ? I love her.

See what I mean ? We don't need all these rules and genres and definitions. Dig what you dig, don't dig what you don't dig...You dig ?

Alright, that's recess...Break out your IPods !!!


LoraLoo said...

Ovary or Vagina Rock, I am seriously LOL at that.

Yeah I don't care about genres much either, I agree in that you just like what ya like, who cares.

My concern with genres is the damn iPod. Can't build good playlists if things are labeled well for your own database. I struggle with that all the time. Is Billy Idol 80's? Rock? What about Aerosmith? Sure, it's Metal. Or Hard Rock? But what if I want a decade playlist? They span what, four decades now? See where I'm going with this?


Paticus said...

loraloo-Yeah genres on the iPod are a major pain in the ass. i always end up just scrolling through looking for things. It takes hours sometimes to make a really decent playlist!