Monday, November 10, 2008

Meet My Ties Volume 35 !

Looney Tunes
Stamp Collection
1997 Warner Bros./United State Postal Service
100% polyester
Imported Fabric
Made In USA
Dry Clean Only

This one was a gift from my Dad.
here's a closer look.

Have a good Monday,Crimestoppers.


Zoooma!! said...

Sweet tie. Your dad picked a winner there, man! I'm not a tie wearer but of all your ties, this has gotta be a favorite of mine.

I remember when the USPS started releasing the Looney Tunes stamps. Even if I didn't need any stamps at the time, I'd get a sheet of whichever character was current. Had a whole stack of 'em, seriously like a few hundred stamps that took me years and years to use, all because I love Looney Tunes and those stamps were always so much more fun to use than a plain old flag stamp... I mean how boring!

Paticus said...

zoooma11- thanks. i did something similar with the Dc comics stamps and the Star Wars stamps- I think I still have a sheet of the Star Wars stamps.