Thursday, November 20, 2008

Watch Your Feet, Busted Gut Here...

I saw something this morning, and I felt a need to share it. However, I do need to warn you. this is some funny, funny stuff. I would suggest that you not read any further until you have a good 1/2 hour to 45 minutes to devote to chuckling, laughing, and perhaps even a minute or two of solid guffawing. And of course, unless you like milk exiting through your nostrils, I would not read while drinking.

Are you prepared ? okay then.

This morning, on my way into work, I stopped at Manny's newsstand as I do every morning, to pick up my newspaper and a can of mango flavored energy drink. as I was chatting with Manny about some recent action on the billiards scene, I noticed some single pieces of gum in a bucket on the counter. They were wrapped in blue and red, and they were calling to me.They looked like this:

I bought one, said cheerio to Manny, and went on my way.

The gum is called Bazooka(Have you heard of it ? It's quite tasty), and it comes with a comic wrapped around it.This is a great marketing gimmick: a fine, tasty piece of chewing gum AND a comic strip ? I would have paid twenty cents for that!!

I stopped walking, as I wanted to fully immerse myself in the comic. The star of the comic is a fellow by the name of Bazooka Joe( a dapper young gent in a blue baseball cap, who either has a lazy eye, or perhaps suffered some sort of accident that caused him to lose an eye, either way, he wears an eye patch, but it certainly does not dampen his spirit,as you will soon see) here's a publicity photo:

Anyway, Joe is asked a question by his friend( a tall drink of water with a great shock of blond hair who is not given a name, but I would imagine it might be something wacky and playful such as Zonker or Boner), and the question is this:" Joe, what, in your opinion,is the height of stupidity ?" Joe scratches his chin, says"I dunno..." and, after a perfectly timed pause says..get this..."How tall are you ?" Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!! I am almost breathless again. What a zinger !! Isn't that a riot ?
I cannot wait to buy some more of this gum and enmesh myself in more hilarity. I want to meet more of Bazooka Joe's friends. I bet there's a sassy gal in there somewhere!

If you want to experience it for yourself, the gum is called Bazooka. B-A-Z-O-O-K-A. I would imagine that their slogan is something like: "Not the kind with which you can blow up people and small vehicles, but the kind for blowing bubbles.", or something equally clever.

Chew and laugh, Crimestoppers, chew and laugh.


World of Julie said...

Marvelous! Though I'm embarrassed to say that I actually DIDN'T GET the joke at first, and thought it was some sort of absurdist nonsequitor. That's what I'd prefer, actually: Bizarrka Joe.

Paticus said...

Julie- i would guess any missing of the joke is probably from my clumsy telling,due to the convulsive fits of laughter I was still suffering from.
I might pay to read Bizarrka Joe.

World of Julie said...

I think I might actually be a little bit motivated to create Bizarrka Joe, but it seems my life has other priorities for me. But hmm...if people would PAY for it, that might make a difference.