Thursday, December 04, 2008

Can A Brotha Get 900 Posts Up in Here ?!!?

That's right folks, this, right here that you are reading, right now, this very second..Is the 900th post here at Sandwich Flats.



Wow. 900. that's like waaay more than 20. And to think, I have only been blogging for 6 months!! I'm kidding, of course...I have been blogging since the mid aughts.

900 posts. What a colossal waste of letters and numbers, and boldface type and italics and links. I waste it all here at the Flats. And you, dear readers are all complicit in the waste-osity. You know it, and I know it, only you don't know that I know it, and I don't know that you know I know it. I just blew your mind, didn't I ? Sure i did.

Now, you would think that with a somewhat arbitrary milestone like a 900th post, that the responsible blogger would certainly come up with some groundbreaking post, one that spins the blog off into some uncharted new direction. You would think that, and you might be right. But we are not talking about a responsible blogger here, we are talking about Paticus, the one responsible for Sandwich Flats...The one who thinks everyone might give a shit about meeting his ties.

So today's post will be more random, pointless crap. Like this poster from the upcoming Hallmark Hall of Fame movie about a teacher with Tourette's Syndrome, "Front Of The Class"

What were they thinking with this poster ? Did a 3rd grader win a photoshop contest ? Would it really have been that hard to have the actors pose for this picture on set ? It looks like Patricia Heaton & Jimmy Wolk went to Walgreen's and used the photo kiosk to superimpose themselves into a hallway. Or like they went to Yearbook Yourself! I'm sorry, I expect more from the Hallmark Hall of Fame. It's a HALL OF FAME fer gosh sakes!! C'mon, people!

And next, I'm gonna share a video with you. Well, it's actually the song I'm sharing, as the video is just a still of a poster( a very cool poster, by the way...I'm talking to YOU Hallmark Hall of Fame) from "the Wrestler" starring Mickey Rourke(which looks like a great movie, by the way. Man, can that motherfucker act when he wants to.), but the song is the title track to the movie by none other than New Jersey's own Bruce Springsteen, and it is a great song. I keep listening to it over and over again. Check it out.

I think that's all I got today. Don't worry, they'll be 900 more. Mwah-ha-ha !!!


Jessica said...

Congrats on the 900th, wow...really? That's a lot of posts. Silly, poster! :D

Jessica said...

Just so we're clear you're not a silly poster, but the one above is! LOL

Avitable said...

Congratulations on hitting 900!

Zoooma!! said...

900? you think you're big shit now or somethin? whatever.

Zoooma!! said...

HAAAA!!! Just kidding, my friend! I'm personally not gonna celebrate my 900th post... I might celebrate like the 1,180th or something. Randomosity Rulez!

Ya know, people don't often care too much about TV Movies. Crud churned out by the likes of the Lifetime Network hasn't helped in that department... but Hallmark Hall of Fame movies are often really good stories and well made... I've seen many of them and I can't remember a bad one. But that poster.... wow... you nailed it on that, that's bad!!

Hey, thanks for the Springsteen song! I love Bruce (bein' from Jersey, I think I'm required to) but I hadn't heard that yet... and I hadn't heard about the movie but I just read about it... there's actually some Oscar buzz for Mickey Rourke?! wow. Lookin' forward to it and I'm lookin' forward to 900 more posts from ya, man!

Paticus said...

Jessica- it is a lotta posts. Thank goodness everything I have to say is so important. :)
And I don't know that you would get a lot of argument even if you were calling me a silly poster !
Avitable- Why thank you, kind sir.

Zoooma-Why I oughta...Oh wait. there's another comment.
I am a major fan of the randomosity.
Isn't the Bruce tune great ? I am actually excited to see the movie, too. And I would love to see Mickey Rourke get an Oscar.
And, if I apply myself, i should have 900 more posts by next Wednesday!! Whoo-hoo!!!