Wednesday, December 10, 2008


That is what I saw on a license plate yesterday as I drove to pick my girls up from daycare.


"Hmm..."I thought...Oh let's be honest, I said it out loud. I talk to myself out loud in the car all the time, okay ? deal with it. Anyway, I said out loud, to myself..." I wonder why someone would have XANADU6 on their license plate." And I ran through some of the reasons.

Big Citizen Kane fan ? But aren't there more clever ways to pledge your allegiance to the Kane ?
Like...I don't know... KANE ? or Citizen K ?

Big fan of the movie or Broadway musical "Xanadu" ?

Big Olivia Newton-John Fan ? Could be.

Big Michael Beck fan ? Yeah, but The Warriors is probably his best work, but I suppose if you have variation of Warrior on your license plate, you could open yourself up to all sorts of physical challenges.

Big Electric light Orchestra Fan ? Possibly...But then what about StrngMgc or something like that ?

Big Gene Kelly fan ? Could be, and I guess this would be a cleverer(is that right? it doesn't seem like it, but "more clever" doesn't seem right either) homage to Mr. Kelly than some variation on Singin' In the Rain or On the Town.

But then, what struck me was this ....Why the 6 ? are there actually XANADU 0 or 1 through 5 out there ? Are there 5 or 6 or 7 more people out there that the word Xanadu means THAT much to, for whichever of the reasons I may have listed ?

Blows your mind a little bit, doesn't it ?


LoraLoo said...

The "6" is a little strange...

Reading this post made me think of this movie, I remember seeing it when I was a little girl and promptly getting the soundtrack in my little hands. I still have that (it's on vinyl). Seeing the movie again as an adult, it was good, but not as good as when I was 9.

Paticus said...

LoraLoo- Yeah, I remember seeing this when I was little, too. And I think I just stared at Olivia Newton-John!