Friday, January 09, 2009

Name That Lyric:Episode CXXVII

We have a partial winner from last week! the lovely and talented *jaime correctly partially identified

"Then down the hall I overheard such a heavenly choir
They interrupted my evil designs"

from"The Other End Of the Telescope" by Elvis Costello. There is also a version of the song by 'til Tuesday, and I believe it is slightly different, as Aimee Mann gets a co-writing credit on that one, but not on the Elvis Costello version. Either way, either version, great song. And half a brava,*jaime, half a brava !!

Onto this week's clue:

"and all the sparkling waters that ever flowed
could never wash down this town so clean that it glowed"

Good luck, Crimestoppers !!!

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