Thursday, January 15, 2009

School of Rock: The Only Band That Mattered...

The Clash... a public service announcement...WITH GUITARS!!!!

Writing this installment of School of Rock has been a daunting one for me...It forces me to admit some things...I am a political ignoramus. Especially concerning the politics of other nations.

I love the Clash's music. I still don't own "Sandinista!", but I consider myself a fairly big fan of the Clash. I know enough to know that they had a strong political philosophy, but I never bothered to really learn anything about it. I mean, I think i know enough to know that they were not militant racists or anti-minority or anything like that, I knew that they had a deeper political bent, having to do with economics and class and such in the U.K., but beyond that, I just don't know...And I'll be honest, I really don't care to know. I'm sorry, I know that makes me a lazy, politically ignorant tool, but so be it. I'm a selfish dick, and I have got my own shit to worry about.

I know, if Joe Strummer were alive(and damn, I do wish he were) he would probably take me into an alley and kick my face in for my apathy, and he would probably be right to do so (and yet, I STILL wish he were alive-hmmm). I don't have an excuse. I have never really had an interest in larger scale politics. I try to not be apathetic on a smaller scale, and I think I succeed, but the larger scale has never really done it for me.

Having admitted and said all that, can I get back to just how kick ass the Clash's music is ? Can I get it in before someone comes and revokes my Clash listening card and repossesses my albums?

The other day(and I mean that literally, it was like, last Thursday) I was having a shitty,shitty day...and I put on London Calling...And by the time "Hateful" came drifting out of the tiny,tiny speakers in my office, I was feeling much better. "It's hateful, and it's paid for,and I'm so grateful, to be nowhere".

I don't think I could possibly count how many times I have listened to this record. it is, hands down, one of the greatest albums ever recorded. The music styles on it are so diverse, the lyrics are brilliant...AND there's a song about Montgomery Clift !! How does it get any better than that?

I could go on and on about the songs: Car Jamming, Safe European Home, White man In Hammersmith Palais, Straight to hell, Career Opportunities,Lost in the Supermarket, Koka Kola, Jimmy Jazz...But i won't. I'll leave you with a few videos...

Stay Free and Julie's In the Drug Squad...

I'm So Bored With the U.S.A. & Train In Vain

Safe European Home

Straight to Hell

Class dismissed.

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