Monday, February 23, 2009

Meet My Ties Volume 48

Chicago 2000
Exclusive Design by Civitas
100% Silk

This is my Chicago tie. This tie actually means quite a lot to me. it was given to me by some of my co-workers at the Newberry Library when I left to come to Flo-ri-da. there was much that was maddening about the Newberry, a lot of which was written about in the pages of this here blog(the Newberry was disguised with a fake name, but you can probably figure it out if you look at some of the posts from 05), but I met and worked with some great people there, some of which I am still in contact with and still consider dear friends(you know who you are).
This tie is an aerial view of the city of Chicago. Here's a closer look:

Pretty nice huh ?

Enjoy your Monday, Crimestoppers !!!


c2 said...

We miss you :(

Paticus said...

I miss you too.