Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mad Dogs And Irishmen...

I had quite an ugly, unsettling dream about being attacked by wild dogs last night.

It was one of those weird, tiered dreams. What I mean by that is, I was in one place, and then I was somewhere else, with no mention of anything being any different.

At first, we were at a friends' house, I guess...I actually did not recognize the house, but he was putting his kids to bed, and I recognized him(hey Bruce!!!) and his kids. It was fairly mundane, just everyday chat, as they went up the stairs to put the kids to bed.

Then, I turned around, and My Special Lady and I were in the yard of my Grandfather's house in upstate New York. We were hanging out with two people(a man and a woman-I think they were a couple) that in the dream we clearly knew rather well, but I don't know who they were now.
We were all just kind of hanging around...And then, we went in different directions, into the woods that surrounded the property. I remember My Special Lady commenting that the path to the neighbor's property was grown over and as she stepped to where the path was, she was swallowed by this tall grass. But we could still hear her talking.

Then I thought I heard barking coming from the direction where the other woman had wandered into the woods. I looked over, and I saw her come walking out of the woods, very quickly. I asked her if she found something, and nodded her head, and said " yup." The way she was walking was almost comical, but then the dog emerged from the woods behind her.

At first, I thought it had a goofy look on it's face. but as it came closer, I realized that it was fairly angry, and not feeling goofy at all, I would imagine. then, I heard more barking and three more dogs emerged from the woods. I looked over, and the woman had already made it to the house. I could not hear Jen or the other guy anymore, so I'm not sure where they went.

I saw a big stick on the ground and picked it up. I started to walk backwards towards the house, but i pretty much knew I was not gonna make it there. I took one more look at the house just as the dogs rushed me. I raised the stick and then I woke up to the sound of the alarm clock.


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