Thursday, March 05, 2009

Waffles, Reel To Reel Tapes, & Cocoa Butter:Recipe For Disaster ?

Still got nothing...How about some randomness ?

We got some pita chips the other day, and they are all SUPER thick, like the pita was never cut in half.

Finally finished "The Watchmen", now starting 'The Wordy Shipmates"by Sarah Vowell.

Saw "Pineapple Express" on Monday. Pretty funny. Oddly enough...Made me miss weed.

Wondering if anyone in Tallahassee will ever fucking figure out what a four way stop is, and how it works.

Listening to Lou Reed sing "Perfect Day".

Had some leftover chicken with rice for lunch. And a Fuji apple.

Very happy the Cowboys finally released T.O.

Now Elvis Costello(actually The Costello Show) is singing "Suit of Lights".

Still loving "Lost".

Pissed that "Life On Mars" is being cancelled.

Very thankful for Hulu, since the stupid NASCAR race went long on Sunday, so my TIVO recorded that instead of the Simpsons.

"You Can Call Me Al"- Paul Simon

Can't possibly end on a Paul Simon reference.

Bass solo.

My "Nothing Left To Do But Smile Smile Smile is missing a U and an I...So there is NOTHING LEFT TO DO B T SMILE SMILE SM LE.

Peter Tosh and Mick Jagger- "Don't Look Back".


Avitable said...

I'm not pissed about Life on Mars - it just wasn't as good as the UK version. I'm glad you finished Watchmen - it's must-read material. I've probably read it five or six times.

Paticus said...

Avitable- Yeah, pissed might be a bit strong...But I am enjoying watching it. I want to see the U.K. version, but it's not on Netflix, so I'll have to look to buy it, I guess.
I figure I'll read the Watchmen again, but i wanted to read it at least once before seeing the movie. I only wish now that I had read it long ago!

Avitable said...

It's not available on DVD - just BitTorrent it or see if you can find it online somewhere to download.

World of Julie said...

I like posts like this. Is this what the Twittering masses are doing? Whatever. I like reading snippets of life like this.

I also ate a Fuji apple for lunch.

Paticus said...

Avitable- well alright then, now I know where to look. Thank you kindly, sir.
Julie-It's kinda like a bunch of twitters put together, I suppose. I kind of enjoyed writing it actually, but I was dreading it when I started, like it was admitting failure.But I used to write a lot of these when I worked until 2 a.m. in Chicago and couldn't go to sleep right away. There might be more of these.
Fujis kick ass, don't they ?

Jessica said...

Randomness is not nothing! :)

"Pineapple Express" was very funny!

Paticus said...

Jessica- Point taken. I actually quite enjoyed writing this one...I think there may be more of these.
Pineapple Express was funny- More violent than I expected,especially for a comedy, but it worked. And I found it very funny.