Thursday, April 23, 2009


Wow...I just had a major flashback to my childhood...Do you guys remember Charleston Chews ? A friend of mine on Facebook just did one of those LivingSocial Pick Your Fives(which I will admit, are sort of addictive) about 5 favorite candies, and one of her choices was Charleston Chews.
This got me thinking about Charleston Chews, which I also quite enjoyed when I was a kid. Charleston Chews are taffy covered in chocolate. there are currently Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. On Wikipedia, they say that there was also once a banana. Which is true, there also was once a grape, which Wikipedia does not mention, but which I definitely remember. It wasn't very good. I think that there were maybe some other flavors as well. But I do not remember any specifics, so I could be wrong. I definitely remember the grape though.

  Anyway, Charleston Chews were always best when you froze them, and then you would hit them on a hard surface, and they would break into pieces. Very tasty.

  That got me thinking about summer days in my childhood(we're talking mid to late '70's here-'76,'77,'78. I used to go with my Mom to take my Dad lunch at the bar he owned and tended during the day. There was a candy store/newsstand across the park from my Dad's bar, and I was a fairly regular customer there. I don't know if it was actually called Dave's, but that's what we called it, because the very nice guy who ran it was named Dave.

  we used to go in there, and I would look at comics and candy and gum, and I was usually allowed to pick something that my Mom would buy me. If we went to Dave's before we went to my Dad's, I would often choose a Charleston Chew, and then we would bring it to the bar, and my Dad would put it in the beer cooler(which of course got everything colder faster), and after a video game or two(or 5 or 10), we would take it out and CRACK it on the bar. And those Charleston Chews always tasted better than the ones we would freeze at home.ALWAYS.

  Okay, that's my time in the wayback machine. I appreciate your indulgence.


Zoooma!! said...

I love having a good flashback moment like that. It's amazing (to me) when occasionally something gets pulled from the old memory banks, something that I hadn't thought of since I was like 7 or 8 or 11 or 12, you know, from way back. I guess I'm amazed that it was hiding in the memory bank and not a memory lost forever.

Anyway, nice post and yeah, I remember Charleston Chew... I think I still see 'em once in awhile when I'm wanting some candy but I have to stand there for 10 minutes to decide what I want. Now I'm thinkin' I might have to get one!

Paticus said...

Zoooma!!- Why, thank you, sir. Charleston Chews are a bit too dangerous to my old, sugar addled teeth to eat now.I must get by with my memories.

sh said...

I remember them from the concession stand at the pool. You chould choose regular or frozen. but they had only chocolate and vanilla. I never knew about the other flavors.

Paticus said...

sh- The vanilla is still the best. i don't think you were missing much.