Monday, April 06, 2009

Meet My Ties! Volume 54

Jelly Belly Tie
RG. TM of Herman Goelitz, INC
1996 Herman Goelitz, INC.
Made in USA
Imported 100% Silk

In honor of the impending Easter holiday, we present to you the Jelly Belly jelly beans tie.
 have you noticed that it's kinda hard to find standard jelly beans anymore ? I mean, there are Starburst and Tropical Starburst and Jolly Rancher and Nerds "Bumpy" jelly beans, but just standard 5 or 6 color jelly beans are not too easy to come by. Just sayin' is all.
  Here is a closer look

Enjoy your Monday, Crimestoppers !!!

1 comment:

Zoooma!! said...

That's so true about not being able to very easily find plain old Jelly Beans. Why, back in my day, we only had a few different colors & flavors.... AND WE LIKED IT!!!!!!!