Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fringe Infiltrated My Dreams Last Night(Spoiler Alert!)

I don't know if any of you watch Fringe, but I do, and I dig it. I don't think it's the best thing since sliced bread(and I don't obsess about it as much as, say...LOST), but I do enjoy it. Well, it infiltrated my dreams last night.
  Here is where I will warn those that watch the show but did not see last night's episode that I will be discussing plot points from the show last night, including one rather huge one. So, if you have not seen the season finale, but plan top, then wait until you have seen it, and then come back and read!

   Okay, I think they are gone now. On last night's Fringe, it was revealed that there exists an alternate reality to our current one, and certain people have figured out how to "cross over" into that reality.It was a pretty cool revelation, and I thought it was handled pretty well, and I look forward to next season.

 Anyway, my dream last night was all about this "alternate reality", and some people's nefarious plans to exploit it. It was a pretty confusing dream, but let me try and share some of it with you.

  First of all, for some reason, much of this was happening in a high school. And from what I can remember, that was because there was a teenager at the high school that was to play a very important role in the future, and both "sides" had interest in her.

  Much of the how and why of this was really lost in the dream. What I do remember is that there were several tears in the fabric of reality...It was hard to tell whether the tears were man made or if they just occurred and man was taking advantage of them. At some point, there was a different kid at the school who was replaced by her evil doppelganger from one of the alternate realities(shades of Buffy The Vampire Slayer), and
 the whole "Fringe" team was trying to figure out which of the kids was evil.

The only person that was not there was the dude in the back on the right. Everyone else was there...Plus me.

  Somehow(I assume because it was my dream- I also assume that's the reason that Astrid and Olivia were having a bit of a contest for my affections) I figure out that THIS is the evil teenager.

Fans of  "Gilmore Girls" may recognize her as Luke's daughter, April. But she was no precocious science geek in this dream, she was EVIL!

  There was only one weapon used during this dream, and it was a small piece of orange metal that looked sort of like this:

But without the polka dots,and it was all one color. When it was placed against someones skin, it would bore a hole into the flesh and or bone. Then, it would emit this eerie light, and the person would disappear. It was never stated, but I think it sent them to one of the alternate realities, or maybe it only returned people to their proper reality. I don't really know, as I only saw it effectively used on one person-the EVIL teenager.

  She and Olivia had a face off in this very large room that seemed to be a combination bathroom and library(complete with a circulation desk)- very weird. But the EVIL teenager had two of the orange vaporizer things and she advanced on Olivia, but Olivia was able to knock them away and plant her own orange vaporizer into the EVIL teenager's forehead. And the threat was neutralized.

  Or WAS it ?