Thursday, June 25, 2009

Am I The Only Person Who Doesn't Find Sacha Baron Cohen Hilarious?

Because I really don't.

I mean, I find him kind of funny, in small doses, but I just don't find him as howlingly hilarious as a lot of people do.

I saw Borat, and I thought parts were funny. I also thought it was far more scripted and staged than he wanted us to believe, so that may have hindered my enjoyment of it.

And what I have seen of Bruno, it looks like largely the same thing, with a different character.

Am I way off on this ?


B.E. Earl said...

Nope. I never found him funny.

He reminds me a bit of Andy Kaufman. How he would disappear into a character. I didn't find him funny either.

Lauren said...

You're right. But you're also a crotchety old man shaking his fist at America's youth!

Paticus said...

Earl- See, Andy Kaufman i find very,very funny.But you're right, they are similar.

Lauren- maybe you're right. I just want the damn kids to get out of my yard!!

Zoooma!! said...

The idiocy of the thong bathing suit he wore COMPLETELY turned me away. That just ain't right. I never saw Borat or anything show or movie he's done. I saw on the news the stoopid thing he did at the MTV dealie and I thought What The Fuck Ever.

But some of the stuff in commercials for his new movie looks funny and I kinda wanna go. I have a feeling I'll laugh my ass off and that's always a good thing. (So long as he's not wearing that bathing suit. I'm sorry but sometimes you shouldn't be doing things like that no matter how much money you're getting!!!!)