Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Zoinks!(I Don't Think This is What Shaggy Was Talking About)

Happy Wednesday everybody!!!

So, I went to Zoinks! on Sunday, and since my kids complained so much, I brought them with me. What's that ? You don't know what Zoink! is ? Why, you poor, unfortunate bastard. Allow me to explain, Zoinks! is a family fun hot spot consisting of large bouncy contraptions and some video games/small rides. I like to go there for the acoustics(the shrieks of children achieve such reverberation, it's just magical) and the not quite placeable smell that is ever present.It's a giggle and a blast!

We were supposed to go on Saturday to see Curious George, but there was a line out the door, and the wait was at least an hour...So we decided we didn't want to meet Curious George that badly, and that we would come back on Sunday, when it was less crowded, and the odd odor would be MUCH stronger.

It was fun. Fairly uneventful.But I did need to share with you the directions form this little 3 car merry go round thing, because they just blew me away.

1.The player take a seat, and hold on the hander or wear on the belt, then insert coin.

2. Press the "Stop" button when accident is casing.

3. Game over when time out.

I know there must be a language barrier and all, but that # 2 just cracks me up. It makes it sound like an accident is part of the ride or something.

Well, I guess that's all I got.

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