Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Feets, True Blood,What the Fuck Is Up With Yahoo ?(OR, I'm sorry Dude, but I don't hate the fuckin' Eagles, man.)

That's right, it's another recipe blog post from me!


It's actually not a recipe post at all, but instead it's me, emptying my head onto this here virtual page.

Saw the podiatrist this morning, and my feets are looking good, and my toenails are now very short. I knew you were all waiting patiently for that report. You may now exhale.

Finished watching Season 1 of True Blood last night, and I like it quite a bit. I'm bummed that we will have to wait however long now to see Season 2, as we do not have HBO. I'm hoping that maybe when we make our Northerly trek for the winter holidays that maybe it will be on HBO OnDemand, or whatever that thing is.

I did guess who the killer was about 4 episodes ago, but I thought they did a pretty good job of misdirection. But, I do have one question to those that have watched the show: SPOILER ALERT(If you have not finished watching Season 1, skip to below where it says End Spoiler in big letters below)

Am I wrong, or was Rene the only Cajun on the show ? And did anyone else find his accent sort of distracting? I almost feel like it was meant to be a clue, especially since his fiancee found the dialect tape in his creepy toolbox of death and porn. It wasn't one of the reasons I figured out it was him, but it feels like it should have been.


And I just used IMDB to find out where the he
ll I knew the guy who played Terry from! He was Zack on the Gilmore Girls! That was driving me crazy. I knew I recognized him from something, but I just couldn't place it.

And I will just gratuitously add that I loves me some Anna Paquin.

Now, as for Yahoo. is anyone else having some weirdness with their Yahoo mail ? it's nothing HUGE, but just weird little things...Like I will click on an e-mail, and it will change from unread to read, but will not open the e-mail. And then this morning, it had me on a loop of the same three e-mails. If I hit "previous" it would scroll through the same three e-mails. Then, I clicked on a different e-mail and it opened it for a second, and then went right back to the first of the three "looped" e-mails. I finally closed it out, and then reopened it ,and it was fine. It's just kinda annoying, you know ?Anyone else having these issues ? Anyone ? Anyone ? Bueller ? Bueller ? Anyone ?

And lastly, I have been listening to some Eagles music lately, and while I usually try to not disagree with the Dude....On this point I must: I simply do not hate the fucking Eagles, man.

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