Thursday, August 20, 2009

Medical Professional Phone Shenanigans....

So, I called my dentist's office today, because they sent me a letter saying I owed them four hundred thousand dollars(or maybe it was $41.00) because the insurance company had rejected part of my claim. Apparently, I was getting my teeth cleaned too often. Can you believe that ? Fucking jerks.

But that's not the point. The point is, I dialed the number, and it rang about 7 times, and then I got the familiar squeal of the fax machine. I looked at my appointment card for my next appointment(which is in my shirt pocket, it is tucked into the little notebook that I carry in my shirt pocket every day at work-Hey, wasn't that a fascinating tidbit?), and the number on the card was the number I had dialed. I decided to look them up on line, in case the number had changed, or the card was a misprint, or whatever.Which was most likely,as the other probable explanation would be that I misdialed, and I am known in at least 4 states for the accuracy, quickness and general efficiency of my phone dialing, so that was really NOT very likely.

Nope, on the website, same number is listed. So, I now had to consider the very real possibility that I had misdialed the number. This was quite a blow to the ego, as you can imagine. I picked up the receiver and dialed again...Once again, it was the fax. I had NOT misdialed( I KNEW IT!!). For some reason, their phone number was actually their fax number. Glitch ? Maybe. Major multi-platform, multi-media misprint ? Perhaps. I will try again tomorrow.

Then, I tried to call my Dr.'s office,as I have been waiting since the 22nd of July for a referral to a pulmonologist. I called, and someone answered !! Well, the automated attendant answered, but still, it was no caterwauling fax machine! I entered the three digit extension, and someone answered. they took my info and put me on hold. then, after a few minutes, the phone started ringing, and I was suddenly connected to a voice mailbox! Those pigfuckers!!! I left a message, as I was really tired of phone shenanigans, and I told them so in the message, and I also had some work to get done, and was meeting My Special Lady for lunch(Popeye's chicken...DAMN! That's good.)

By the time I got home for lunch, the Dr.'s office had called, and they were getting me an appointment with the pulmonologist for Monday or Tuesday...We'll see.

So, I think that's really all I got for you today.

Peace out, Crimestoppers!

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