Monday, August 24, 2009

Meet My Ties...The 74th and Final Volume.

Holland Tie
Kist Design,Holland
100% Polyester
Hand Made

Here it is....The FINAL tie for you to meet, and also my newest tie...Is that ironic ? Or tragically comic ? Or neither here nor there ? Who gives a rip, I guess.

This tie was a recent gift from a friend who was working in Europe over the summer. I think it might be my only real foreign tie. I sure hope the other ties treat it well. So far so good.
The orange color, I assume is for the Dutch House of Orange, the Royal Family. And the Lion is the Dutch Lion. Here's a closer look....

And that is it, Crimestoppers. The end of Meet My Ties. I mean, sure, if I get another tie, I'll share it with you, you know I will...But as a weekly get-together, Meet My ties has come to an end.(Sniff)...Now, I promised myself I would not cry...So, I'm just gonna go...But remember, I am still taking suggestions for what to do with Mondays here at the Flats...As of this writing we have a grand total of...Where is that piece of paper...Oh, here it is...A grand total of ZERO suggestions! really, people ? That's all you got for me ? NOTHING? I'm hurt. Really I am.

Enjoy your Monday, Crimestoppers.

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Ms. Lauren said...

It's the end of an era.