Monday, August 31, 2009

Meet My....SOCKS!! Volume One....

That's right! Welcome to the newest feature here at Sandwich Flats: Meet My Socks!!

  For our inaugural edition, we here at the Flats decided to go with a majestic blue and green argyle, hand woven from the finest Egyptian cotton.I put on these socks, and my feet are awash in luxury.It really spoils my feet for all other socks. And I threw away my sock garters: These socks hug my calves, I tell you, there ain't no chance these socks are coming down unless I(or a sexy lady) want them down!

 Here's a closer look:

And the great thing about these socks, I can wear them with anything....A loafer, a lace up dress shoe, a "sport moc", a slip on...The list is almost endless. I know what you are thinking : " But Paticus, what do they do for your legs ? Do they make them look sleek and sexy ?" Let's look at Exhibit "S"(for "sexy"):

I think the answer is obvious, but in case you feel you need another angle:

And there you have it... Happy Monday, Crimestoppers !!


Jessica said...

hahaha, so you actually have enough of a variety of socks to warrant this? lol

Paticus said...

Jessica- I really don't. I was just in a bit of a ridiculous mood, and I had not thought of what to replace Meet My Ties with yet.