Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Ace Of Cakes....

It's not a big secret that I watch a lotta tee vee. And with the invention of TiVO(BEST INVENTION EVER), it has only increased exponentially. I'm okay with it. So keep your judgments in your pants.

  And I watch all sorts of tee vee, scripted and reality-esque. I don't really watch the Network reality shows(Bachelor, Survivor, etc.) but I do watch a fair number of the basic cable reality shows, both contest driven, and just plain train wreck shows.We watched all seasons of Rock of Love, we watch Flipping Out and Top Chef and the MTV Real World/Road Rules stuff. So, I am not trying to claim to be high- falutin' or some kind of connoisseur either.

  But I DO want to tell you why I like Ace of Cakes so much.

In case you don't know, Ace of cakes is about a bakery called Charm City Cakes in Baltimore that specializes in really elaborate cakes. cakes like this:

That is a cake. or most of it is...Anyway, the quality of the cake isn't really even the point.I will tell you what I like about it(and it's NOT that I'm a big fat guy and I like cake-okay, maybe that's PART of the reason...But it's NOT that i think one of the cake workers is cute...Okay, well maybe that's part of the reason, too. But it's not the main reason either)...What I like about this show is that none of the people are evil fuckers. they don't have reason to fuck each other over, so they don't. They work together, they help each other. They make fun of each other, and they turn out a pretty kickass product.

  I know it's corny and all., but I really find it a refreshing show to watch.They don't revel in other's failures, they don't do things to insure other people's failures.They make cakes. they make them for weddings and birthdays and as surprises. They make them for events and other tee vee shows(the LOST cake was pretty cool).

  They are challenged and they figure out how to overcome the challenge. Things fail, and they fix them. And help one another fix them. And the looks on some of the clients' faces when they get the cakes are pretty priceless.

  They make people happy, and they seem to enjoy themselves most of the time when they do it. And I really enjoy watching it. I really do. It makes ME happy.

  Okay, I'm done ranting. Later.


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