Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Memories...Volume The Third

The weekly trip down memory Lane is going to take you back to June of 2005, June 12th, to be precise. I had some opinions to share about the state of movie sequels...Enjoy.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

 Sequels Gone Loco !!!!!

Sequels....They drive you crazy ? They drive me crazy,I'll tell you that much....Of course, not every sequel, I mean, while I don't agree that The Godfather, Part II is better than Part I, it's still a great movie.And there are other worthy sequels...Terminator 2(and 3 for that matter) again, not better than the original Terminator, and pretty overrated, but still a good movie, Scream 2 and 3(though I guess that's technically a trilogy, like Star Wars or the three Beastmaster or Porky's movies...or the "Police Academy" octology),Gremlins 2:A New Batch,and of course, "Weekend At Bernie's II" which finally answered all those lingering questions from Weekend At Bernie's".
    But for every good ,or in "Bernie's" case, necessary, sequel, it seems that there are a hundred unnecessary ones: "More American Graffiti", "Friday the 13th:Infinity","The Sting II"...That simply cheapen the legacy of the originals.
      And while scrolling through my TiVo this weekend, I came upon just such a sequel...I ask you...Was it REALLY necessary to make "Chocolate Gazongas 6" ? I mean, I think the story was tied up rather neatly in "Chocolate Gazongas 5"...I just don't think that "Chocolate Gazongas 6" will add anything to this epic tale...I mean look at the description...""Enthusiastic women please lucky lovers." ? How lazy is that ? There's no mention of the continuation of the dramatic arc of "Chocolate Gazongas 1- 5...What the hell ? I mean, it seems as though director Cool Breeze G. is just sleepwalking through this one...Where's the emotion ? The human drama ? I mean, it says that Brown Sugar is the star, but will there be a further exploration of her craft fair booth that was in "Chocolate Gazongas 3" ? They dropped the storyline in parts 4 and 5, but that was due to the terrorism subplot, and that was pretty well played out by the conclusion of "Chocolate Gazongas 5"...I am nervous...I mean, sure, I'll watch it, but I do not have a great feeling about it. I think they may have returned to the well once too often, as the did in the "Nightmare On Elm Street" series, or the science fiction porn spoof series "Backside To The Future"...I certainly hope not...The "Chocolate Gazongas" series deserves a better fate...

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