Monday, October 05, 2009

Monday Memories...Volume Five!!!

Wow, is it Volume 5 of Monday Memories already ? Just amazing, I tells ya.

 Okay, now I want you guys to sit down, because this one is gonna BLOW YER MIIIIIIIINDS!!!

It's just a silly little joke, but it's from the blog on December 11th, 2005....But I took it for the blog from something I wrote before the blog existed, waaaaaaay back in...(gulp)...1998!! Yer mind is blown, isn't it ? Just sit back, relax, maybe listen to some Allman Brothers...It will all be okay.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

 "I'm Living In A Powderkeg And Givin' Off Sparks"

I have a little revelatory tale to tell. It happened to me this morning while I was on the bus to visit my parole officer. This guy gets on with a walkman, and he's belting out some Leann Rimes.Normally, I get a little chuckle, and then return to my fantasies of winning a Grand Slam tennis title( Wimbledon, usually. I beat Monica Seles in straight sets and...oh, did I neglect to mention that in these fantasies I'm Patricia Byrne ? Well, that's not important right now.)But this morning, I felt this intense anger growing in my heart. Then, it slowly subsided. Unfortunately, it subsided to a point where I could feel nothing-No anger, hatred, love, pity, etc. My heart felt nothing. This worried me for a few minutes, and then it occurred to me what had happened: It was just as Bonnie Tyler had sung so many years ago- I had a Total Eclipse of the Heart.
Turn around bright eyes,

From The Pre-Blog Archive- 7/16/98

Happy Monday, Crimestoppers!!

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