Saturday, October 31, 2009

School of Rock: Sonic Saturday- Super Spooooky Edition!


 Ha! It's just me...But I scared you, didn't I ? Sure I did.It's okay to admit it...Do you need to change your shorts? I'm kidding, of course.

   But I'm NOT kidding about the fact that it's HALLOWEEN!!!! Ooooh, scary! So here at the Sandwich Flats Campus of the School of Rock, we're gonna kick back on this Sonic Saturday with some spoooooky videos!!
 Happy Halloween!!!!

Monster Mash- Bobby "Boris" Pickett & the Cryptkickers

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Bruce Springsteen: A Night With The Jersey Devil

A Night With The Jersey Devil - Bruce Springsteen

(Sorry about the ad at the beginning, it's a hard vid to embed)

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(No ad on the Facebook link, by the way)

And, of course...THRILLER!!!!!

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 Have a spooky,spooky Halloween, and enjoy your weekend, Crimestoppers!

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