Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wanna Hear About The Dream I Had ?

Sure you do.

That's right, I had another weird ass dream last night. This one did not have any celebrity cameos in it, but it did feature some people from my actual life.

 It started out in some desert city. One of the Professors from the department I work here at Florida Sate was addressing a crowd while standing in front of what looked like a cave.I look to my left, and Bruce, one of my oldest friends(meaning one of the people with whom I have been friends the longest, not that he himself is old) in the world is standing next to me. He nods and smiles at me, not nearly as surprised to see me as I am to see him. I look to my right, and another professor from my Department is flanking me on that side. He also smiles and nods.

  The professor in front of the cave finishes her spiel, and then looks to me. I quickly walk down to where she is standing, and I understand that I am to open the cave. It has a large flat,round circular boulder in front of it. I lean against it with my shoulder and it rolls away from the cave. A bunch of people(I guess around 10, or maybe12(oooh, Biblical?), all walk into the cave. I peer inside as they are entering, and I see a big table, and a podium with a microphone, a digital projector, the whole works for some sort of presentation.

  The last person enters, and they thank me, and tell me that I can go now. I let go of the rock, and it slowly slides back into place. All the people watching outside let out a loud hurrah, and then the crowd starts to disperse.

  I walk back up to Bruce and the Professors, and we start to walk and talk. I notice that we are now walking in what looks like your average academic building, which is built around the desert/cave area where we just were.

  Bruce then asks if we're going to the Memorial, and we all say we are, and we take a left turn, and then we are in this cathedral-esque place. It looks fairly Roman Catholic, but that could just be because that's the type of house of worship that is most firmly implanted in my conciousness.

 We walk up the aisles and sit down...And then I woke up.

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