Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Well, It Was Kinda Like Psycho....

What would you like to talk about today ? I was going to write a little something about the mutant Cheez-It that I found, but I realized(ahead of time, thankfully) that the pictures of said Cheez-It were even worse than the pictures I took of the mysterious object I found in the peanuts, so I will wait until I can get Annie Liebovitz to drop by for a photo shoot.

 I know, I'll tell you about my sorta kinda horror movie moment:

  Monday night, I actually got out of bed and grabbed a baseball bat because I thought there was someone in our house.It was the craziest thing. just before I went to bed, I heard a noise. I could not really tell where it was coming from, but I guessed that our rather portly cat, Fenwick, had once again tried to climb on top of this ottoman-type thing we had that had a pile of papers on it,. and had knocked them all on the floor.

  I went to investigate, only to find that Fenwick had apparently not made the noise. Or certainly didn't by knocking the papers off of the ottoman. I looked at him suspiciously, but he was revealing nothing(that cagey bastard!)...He was as cool as a cucumber.
(file photo)

 I figured that one of the girls' toys had shifted or something, and I went to bed. About ten minutes later, I heard another noise, this one included a bit of a clanking sound, which sounded like someone moving the safety gate we have set up in the hallway at night(keeps Fenwick out of our room, mostly). That kinda freaked me out, because while I think Fenwick is a pretty bright fellow, I do not believe he has figured out how to unlock the gate.

   I grabbed the baseball bat that I keep in the bedroom for just such an occasion, and I slowly walked out towards the living room.The gate was still in place, but that didn't really help me any. I unhooked it and moved it aside.I cut through the kitchen, since the light switch for the living room is on the wall as you exit the kitchen. .Did I mention that we had recently watched the remake of "Friday the 13th" ? Yeah, we had. It sucked, of course, and was not particularly scary, but I was blessed/cursed with an active imagination, and man does that fucker kick into overdrive when there are unexplained noises at midnight.So, I was half expecting to see a hulking, smelly(Jason's GOT to smell pretty rank, don't you think?) hockey mask wearing maniac in my living room.I took a  few practice swings in the kitchen, took a deep breath, and then turned on the lights

  Nothing.Fenwick stared at me, clearly unhappy that I kept disturbing his "me time". I scanned the room, looking for something out of place that may have made the noise. Nothing. I checked the doors, both were locked.I shook my head, and I think I probably whispered "what the fuck was that ?" to myself a half dozen times.

  I turned the light back off, and went to peek in on the girls(though I was sure the sound had not come from their room, as their door was closed, and the sound definitely did not sound at all muffled), and as I walked towards their room, I turned my head to the left, and I saw the source of the noise- The shower curtain in the girls' bathroom had slid down the wall, and about half the curtain had dropped off the rod.So, I attacked it with the baseball bat. No, of course I didn't. I took the bathmat off of it and pushed it back up the wall, and seemed like it would stay in place until I could fix it(in the morning, I took the shower curtain off, as the girls take baths right now anyway, and it seemed like a disaster waiting to happen).

 I peeked in on the girls anyway, and then went to bed.

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