Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday Memories....Volume The 15th

Here we go, into the wayback machine...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

 You Might As Well Hand Me The Pulitzer And an Oscar Right Now !!!

I just had the BEST idea !!

It's for a fiction story....Here's the basic premise...It's about a cop, let's say he's a grizzled veteran, okay ?

Are you with me so far ?

A grizzled veteran cop who...Get this...Is also an alcoholic ! Groundbreaking stuff, right ?

And, I am thinking that he may just... play by his own rules.

A grizzled, alcoholic, veteran cop, with no respect for authority!

And no patience for the system !!

And, he'll get a case that reminds him of something from his past. Something, another case, probably, that he mishandled. Maybe got his partner or his special lady friend killed. This case will be his...Wait for it...SHOT AT REDEMPTION !!!

that's the title

Shot At Redemption.

Brilliant huh ? Do you see the play on the word "shot" ? I figure the book jacket(and eventual movie poster) will have the O in shot and redemption be a bullet hole.

I cannot believe that nobody has ever thought of anything even remotely like this before.

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