Wednesday, December 09, 2009

They've Gotten To Our Candy!!!!

I will warn you...The information I'm gonna share with you is disturbing. It will disturb you. It will shock you. It will rock your world to it's very foundation( and not in the good, power ballad kind of way, in the BAD,cold toilet seat on a winter morning way). But I must share it with you just the same.
   Look at THIS:

 Do you see it ? Do you see what it says on the right side of the package ? FAVE-REDS!!!!!! And do you know what that means ? Do you ?

  It means that the Commies have taken control of our candy!!!! And they are so brazen and proud of it !! Did you ever think you would see such a thing ? All RED Starbursts(or is it Starbust ? What is the correct plural ? Anybody know ?)? Just look at this:

 Have you ever seen anything so distasteful and horrifying ? I am in a state of shock !! I'm at a total loss!! Where is Seanator McCarthy when we need him ? Come back, Joe!! Save our Sweets!!!

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