Thursday, February 11, 2010

Knowledge Is Power ?

My nerves are shot. I’m chilled to the bone. I feel like a stranger in a strange land. The weight of the world is on my shoulders. I’m behind the eight ball. It’s the bottom of the ninth and there are two strikes, two outs, and the winning run is on third…is that enough clichés for you? I have a few more if you need to see them. Or can we move on? 


  Truly, I just want to sit my ass down on the pavement and cry. Wallow in some of that juicy self-pity. Why did this have to happen to me? Just ‘cause, I suppose. That’s the answer my dear sweet old Dad would give me anyway. That was the reason for everything bad that ever happened in my childhood. Usually followed by a slap upside the head. Good times, good times.

  You know what I wish? I wish that I could open a door in my mind, and free this pestilent thought that is floating around in there. Perhaps give me just a little peace of mind. I want to go back to being a starry eyed innocent. Skipping along, eating my ice cream cone, dreaming about my beloved New York Mets winning the World Series.

   But I cannot undo it. I can’t unlearn what I have learned. I can’t unring that bell. I can’t unfold that laundry. It’s absolute rubbish, but it’s the truth. It’s in there, and it will now always be in there. Until it leads to my complete destruction. By then, I will probably welcome death. I will have become one of those raving madmen on the street, carrying on about falling prey to the mutant sharks in the sewers, and them becoming our masters. All because this one piece of knowledge ate away at my grey matter.

  So, please, take my advice: Whatever you do, do not Ask Jeeves why birds suddenly appear, anytime you are near….You do NOT want to know the answer.

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