Monday, February 15, 2010

The Post In Which I Ask You A Favor....

So, this guy brought my attention to a writing exercise/challenge by this guy , which I am thinking I might give a whirl.

  This also reminded me of a word game that a lovely lady named Cindra was running a few years back, in which she would provide people with 18 words, and you had to write a story incorporating those 18 words.I thought it was a lot of fun, and I have actually been reposting a couple of the things I wrote over the last coupla weeks.

  I am not going to try and revive the contest, as I am far too lazy, but I did like the inspiration and the challenge of the 18 words, so here is the FAVOR I ASK of you, dear reader: Send me 18 words(either in the comments or e-mail me) and I will try and write something up using those words.

  What do you say ? Can you help me out ?


B.E. Earl said...

Which one are you going to do first? The old man and apple study or the eighteen word challenge?

(That was 18 words up there, by the way. Well, 19...but I used "the" twice. So 18!)

Paticus said...

Earl- You rock! And I'm not sure which I'll do first.

Donna said...

1. ballet
2. toast
3. hibiscus
4. asbestos
5. recipe
6. cord
7. plate
8. video
9. eighteen
10. whiskey
11. cuckoo
12. lightening
13. accordion
14. chalk
15. pillowcase
16. fedora
17. cantaloupe
18. baggage

Have at it!

Paticus said...

Thank you Donna!