Monday, March 08, 2010


So, yeah I watched the Oscars last night, even thought My Special lady and I don't get to the movies as much as we used too.
  We actually saw several of the nominated movies this year(bully for us!) and I was pretty happy with the people that won stuff.
  I have always thought that Jeff Bridges was one of the best actors out there, and it was nice to see him win an Oscar for a role that deserved it, rather than a sort of unofficial "lifetime achievement" award(thinking Pacino in "Scent Of A Woman" and to a lesser extent, Paul Newman in "the Color of Money").
  Actually watched "The Hurt Locker" Saturday night, and while I didn't love it, it was nice to see it defeat the juggernaut that is the over rated "Avatar", if only to not have to listen to James Cameron talk.And Katherine Bigelow is a hottie!
  Other thoughts on the show:
  Thought Alec Baldwin & Steve Martin were very funny(No Letterman, but much better than Billy Crystal ever was).
  I thought the Neil Patrick Harris opening was a good idea that wasn't executed very well, though no fault to NPH, I just thought the song was kinda lame.

 Did anyone else think the show was bizarrely directed ? there were some really bad angles, and odd cuts, and I started to think that maybe a drunken lemur had grabbed a hold of the headset.
  And for the second year in a row, they really screwed up the In Memoriam segment. Why do they start with that extreme long shot? I'm still not sure who they showed after Patrick Swayze(who I only recognized because his haircut is recognizable from space).
 The only people I know it wasn't were Bea Arthur and Farrah Fawcett because they left them out altogether. Jerks.
  I think my favorite line of the night was Ben Stiller saying that he would stand far away after presenting the award so that his Avatar makeup wouldn't "demean their moment of triumph". And speaking of Stiller, was he speaking at least some Hebrew in there ?

  And the "Horror" salute? First of all, they stated in the opening that the last time horror was acknowledged on the Oscars was when The Exorcist won, and then in the montage they had Silence of the Lambs which won 5 Oscars in 1991, and didn't Kathy bates win ans Oscar for Misery ?! Nice research, fellas.
  And,"Edward Scissorhands"? "Little Shop of Horrors"? Really? Where was "Phamtasm"?

  I think thats' all I got.

  What did y'all think ?

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