Monday, April 12, 2010

I Like To Think Of Myself As An Unique Fruit Flavor Experience....

I was sure I had something I really wanted to write about today...But I sit down to do it, and I got nothin'. Nothin'!

  So, what do you want to talk about?

 I'm listening to some Grateful Dead from their Spring Tour in, I wish had gone to see them more often. I'm currently working on a short story about a show I attended in 1989...I'm struggling a little bit with finding the voice for it, we'll see what happens. Just writing that sentence I had a pretty good idea for how I might be able to try and tie some of my short stories together into a semi- coherent collection(or at least the book ends to the collection)....That's fairly exciting for me.

   Now I remember what I wanted to write about...Twin Peaks!! Not remotely prepared to do that right now, that will have to happen later in the week. Alas, and alack, perhaps you could have some coffee and cherry pie whilst you are waiting.

  so I bought this new flavor of Wrigley 5 gum called React. It bills itself as a "unique fruit flavor experience". I'm not exactly sure what that means....I can't quite put my finger on what the taste is, si I guess that does make it "unique". It's tasty alright, that I do know.Plus, it's this weird dark slate grey color, and that's pretty unique for gum, too.

  I was just struck by a memory....Does anyone else remember this gum that had a clown on the package, and it came in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavors? I think it was supposed to be like ice cream, maybe? Okay, i just did a search on the Tubes, and I found this picture:

  There they are in the middle on the left. man, that was some good gum.You know what else I just thought about? Razzles. Started as candy, but turned into gum...Man, that was good too.Those still exist, I've seen them recently.
  Okay, lots of other gums are coming flooding back to me now...I think this might be worthy of its' own blog post. As much as I loved candy as a kid, I think I always loved gum more.

  Alright, I gotta go. Smell ya later, dillweeds(I have also decided that dillweed is a criminally underused word, so I'm gonna amp up my usage).

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