Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Phone Call

The phone just kept ringing.

He knew she wasn't going to answer it.Not this time.

Then why did he call?

Well, what if she DID answer? What if she gave him a chance to explain ? Wasn't that at least worth the dialing of the number? Sure it was.

But  what would he say if she defies all logic and answers the phone? Does he tell her the whole truth? Does he hold something back, to try and maintain a grasp of some shred of his dignity? there was really little point to that now.The damage was pretty extensive. there was not much point to try and save anything. This was going to have to be a start from scratch kinda thing. he needed to lay it all out to her, and see what happens.

Of course, this theorizing was all fairly moot, as he was sure she would not answer the phone.She made it fairly clear that she did not want to talk to him.And, of course, he could not blame her.He had screwed things up, and for what? He didn't even know anymore.It didn't even matter.

All that mattered was the chance to explain.He didn't hold out any hope that she would take him back, did he? Somewhere back in the recesses of his brain, perhaps, he believed it was possible. Back there with UFOs and the possibility of a Veronica Mars movie, but that didn't matter so much. He simply wanted a chance to explain himself, to maybe have her hate him just a little bit less.Was that really so much to ask?

It probably was...

"Hello?" said her voice on the phone.

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