Thursday, April 08, 2010

"Up In The Air"- How It Should Have Ended

Okay, so I'm gonna talk a little bit about the George Clooney movie "Up In the Air"...It will be spoilery, so if you ahve not seen the movie, but intend to, and do not want to know the end, then back away slowly, and go have yourself some Easter candy or something...I'll see you tomorrow.

  Alright, are they all gone ? Excellent. Now, let's get back to the brass tax. I saw this movie a couple of weeks ago. I liked it. I actually liked it quite a bit.George Clooney was very good, Anna Kendrick was very good. Vera Farmiga was very good(and I will certainly not argue with a movie that has a pantsless Vera Farmiga in it...No sir, I will not). And I thought some of the firing scenes were very well done, J.K Simmons' in particular. I thought it was a very good movie.

 I even liked that they had the balls to go with a non-happy ending. Though I will say, I thought it was a bit of a fake out that Vera went to a family wedding with him when she had a husband and kids back home-That stretched the believability of that reveal  a little for me. I don't think it's that far-fetched for him to think their relationship was going somewhere when she spent a weekend with him at his sister's wedding. It really made her anger with him when he showed up at her house a LITTLE misplaced.

  But here's my real problem with the movie...I didn't like the ending.I mean, I liked that the Anna Kendrick character took her life in the direction that she wanted(and I was very happy that they didn't have her and Clooney end up together),and that he wrote a great reference for her, but I really did not like that he went back to his old life.That just rang very false to me. You want to know what I think would have been a perfect ending? Clooney's character kills himself. I think it would be the perfect ending to his arc. He finds out he's a non-entity in his own family, he decides that all along he was fooling himself, so he goes to declare his love for this woman, and she rejects him, lets hi m know he was a toy, essentially. he then finds out that one of the people they fired killed herself. I really think it would have been a totally appropriate ending to the movie.

  What do you think ?  Too dark ?

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