Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Psych! I'm gonna write about LOST!! Suckas!!!

  Don't worry, I'm not gonna dissect the finale or anything, I have sorta done that already over here.
 (And countless others have done a better job of it anyway)

  I'm not exactly sure what the point of this is, I just want to write a little bit more about it. First of, I will come clean, I LOVED the Finale. I thought it was a completely appropriate ending for the series. Did they answer every little question that had ever been raised ? No, they didn't. And I really don't care.The thing I came to realize during the finale was that I cared much more about the character son the show than on the mysteries of the show.
  In fact, I think the show was always about the characters.I found myself really caring for them.I was really touched when they started "remembering". I was glad that they were all reuniting, that they realized how important they were to each other, just as I was realizing how important they had been to me.I think the moment in the "sideways" universe when Kate takes Jack's face in her hands and says"I've missed you so much." instantly became one of my favorite LOST moments, if not one of my favorite all time tee vee moments.I guess that just makes me a sucker.

  I think it's been kind of funny, in reading some of the comments of people who didn't like the Finale, they seemed so adamant about disliking it, that they didn't even pay attention to what was being said. It seems like people were so gung ho to be angry that it all "didn't happen", that they didn't listen to characters that made it clear that it DID happen. I don't know about you, but when I saw the scenes of the plane wreckage during the credits, i didn't for a moment think that it meant that they had all died in the plane crash.

  It also seems like there is a faction of fans that would have enjoyed the Finale better if it had been someone sitting there reading of a list of "answers". I was much more satisfied knowing that the characters that I had spent all this time with were able to give each other some comfort. I found that much more satisfying than finding out "What happened to Annie?" or "Why Libby was in the asylum?". I just really don't care. And I felt it was made fairly clear long ago that they were not going to answer every single question.

I don't know, maybe I'm just crazy. What i dio know, is that I'm clearly not ready to "let go" of LOST, so to speak, so I guess I'll probably keep coming up with things to say about it.


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