Friday, May 07, 2010

Name That Lyric: Episode 194

Before we get into the game this week, I just want to say that I'm aware I have been sort of absent on the old blog lately, and I do intend to do something about it.I hope to be back on track with a new Sonic Saturday tomorrow, and some posts that are not lyric or movie trivia games next week.
  And for those of you wondering, Operation Beardo is still in full effect!! Onto the game!!

We have no winner from last week. Nobody recognized

This old man was graceful
With silver in his smile
He smoked a briar pipe and
He walked four country miles

from "Land Ho" by The Doors!! Onto this week's clue:

"That's a joke 'cause I'm never gonna be broke
 When I die there'll be bullets and gunsmoke"

Good luck,Dillweeds!!

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