Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Little Hypothetical Question For You...

It's imagination time!!! Let's put on our imagination socks, and pretend we are someone else!

  here's what I would like you to imagine...Do you have your imagination socks on? Good...then here's what I would like you to imagine....

  Imagine that you are the owner, or heck, even an employee of a gas station/convenience store. Are you there? Are you feeling the octane and reasonably priced snacks and beverages? Allrighty then.

  What's that? What's it called? Huh? No, it's not a Circle K. Let's call it the Sip N Save, or Gulp n Blow, or something like that, okay? You good with Sip N Save? Okay, then it's settled you are the owner of the Sip N Save. What? Okay, you are the employee of the Sip N Save.
  Now, imagine the gas pumps outside your Sip N Save. Can you see them? Let's take a closer look at, oh, I don't know...How about Pump # 2, okay? Imagine now that there is someone pumping gas from pump number 2...Let's imagine that it is a fat aging hippie with a fantastically sexy beard who is trying to get home from a pleasant family dinner at the Steak N Shake. You got that visual, now?

  Now, imagine that there is gas streaming from the BACK END of the handle as the gas is being pumped into the car...Okay, so here we are, gas is coming out of the WRONG END of the nozzle...Here is the question.... WHAT WOULD YOU DO NEXT?

  No, you're not the fat, aging hippie with the fantastically sexy beard, he is the one who has brought this to your attention. You are the employee. WHAT WOULD YOU DO NOW?

 You would put an out of order sign on that particular gas pump, correct? Isn't the the logical thing to do? 

What's that? You would just leave it as is,allow people to continue pumping gas both into their car and onto the ground, and say that there is supposed to be someone coming to fix it? You would? Oh, okay, then I guess I am the one that's crazy. Thank you for your help.

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