Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Paticus' Past: College Moments #1

So, the semester officially started here at the SouthEastern university where I work(I'll give you a hint, it rhymes with Blorida Flate University), and it got me thinking back to my old University days(I went to a school in the Midwest, I will protect its' anonymity, but it rhymes with Schmurdue). It reminded me specifically of my first semester at school. And more specifically, it got me thinking about this class that I took, a biology class.
  I needed to take 2 semesters of science in order to graduate, and I decided to get them out of the way my first year, as I have very little...okay, NO aptitude for science, and I am also extremely lazy, so I knew that I would not get myself motivated to "embrace science" or anything so kumbaya-ish as that.
 There was this introductory Bio class that had no lab(it had a longer meeting on Thursday mornings, but that was to go over the concepts from the lecture), and basically seemed to be designed for idiots like me who were only taking science because they had to in order to graduate. The Professor also included the grade curve in the syllabus, so I even knew how many points I needed to aim for in order to pass.
  So, I took the class, and I went to the LARGE lecture on Tuesdays and to the lab on Thursdays. Easy enough.
  A few weeks into class, I realized that one of my dorm mates, "Jeff"(I call him that because that was his name) was in my class, as we saw each other at the LARGE lecture.
  The following Thursday morning, I went to the lab, and afterwards was hanging out in the lounge of our dorm. "Jeff" walks in and asks me where I was.
  "What do you mean?" I answer his question with a question.
  "Why weren't you at lecture today?" He answered my question with yet another question.
  "There's no lecture today," I scoffed.
  "Yes there is." I now realized that everyone in the room is looking at me.
  "No. There's lecture on Tuesday, and he lab thing is on Thursday." These facts, as I knew them, were stated with no conviction.I realized that I had completely missed half of the lectures so far.
  "Yeah," he said,"and then there's another lecture today." He smiled, and then the smile started to turn to laughter, and that laughter spread through the lounge. There really was not much I could do but sit there and take it. I had officially outed myself as a moron. I lit myself a smoke and let the laughter rain down on me.

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