Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Cosmic, or Just Kinda Stupid Coincidence ?

So this happened a coupla months back, but I thought about it again this morning( I was thinking about my impending birthday{September 10th, still enough time for rush shipping}, which also happens to be my twin daughter's birthdays), and I think it's kinda cool.

  We were at Dairy Queen on Father's day, for some post dinner ice cream, and they had some Sunday evening news show on(i'm not being coy, I honestly am not sure what it was, I think it was on ABC), and they were talking about it being the 35th Anniversary of the release of "Jaws". My girls are quite interested in tee vee, and to a lesser extent, sharks(though not so much in the "eating people" aspect of sharks) so they were looking at the tee vee, and then, of course, they were asking"Why are those people running out of the water?". We were not really interested in going down this conversational road, so we steered them away from the tee vee,and we talked about something else.

  That seemed to work. Cut to: about 2 hours later. It is now post bath time, and we are getting the girls dressed and flossing and brushing their teeth and so on, and the girls start asking questions about "Jaws". Is that a grown-up movie? Yes. Why? Because you would probably find it a little bit scary.  I was your age when that movie came out, and I remember being scared of the poster.(which is absolutely true. I remember seeing that poster when I was not quite 5 and having nightmares. Of course, it did not help that we were down on the Jersey shore) And this was when I realized something: I was EXACTLY as old as my daughters are now when JAWS was released. They were born on my 35th birthday.

  That kinda blew my mind. Whenever it is the 35th Anniversary of things from my youth, I will have been exactly as old as my kids are at the time of the 35th Anniversary.
  Crazy, huh?
   Or maybe not.


Verdant Earl said...

Anything to do with Jaws? Cosmic.

PS - I like the new look around here.

Paticus said...

Earl- Jaws is fairly cosmic.
And thanks. I like the new look too. I didn't totally realize how bored I was with it until I started changing it up.