Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oh, He's Ranting About Driving Again....(AKA that F*cker should have turned LEFT!)

Yup, here I go again....

  So, I'm driving along this evening, and the lane to my left is the LEFT TURN LANE. At the stop light, there was a car in the LEFT TURN LANE. I noticed it was there, but did not give it a lot of thought because it was obviously going to be TURNING LEFT.

  I was not even concerned when the car went through the intersection, as the LEFT TURN LANE continued across the intersection, so I figured that the car would be TURNING LEFT. Imagine my surprise when I suddenly had to swerve and hit the brakes because the asshole in the LEFT TURN LANE continued to go straight as the LEFT TURN LANE came to an end!! IDIOT!!

  And THEN, this motherfucker has the nerve to give ME the "What the fuck?" hand wave!! Like I did something wrong!! What the fuck, indeed!!!

 Thankfully, there was no collision. But I was fucking SEETHING! This fucking frat boy(he had a greek letters sticker on his window) with his fucking Jersey Shore bullshit gelled hair, texting at the next traffic light(maybe ordering roofies, I don't know) in his Mazda Millenia, not only drives like a fucking retard, but he also has the nerve to blame his near carnage on me.

  That just makes me fucking livid. But there's nothing I can do about it. I mean, what am I supposed to do? I guess this is where I have to have a sincere belief in karma, right? It seems like the only recourse. I do believe in karma, and this evening, as I write this...I am REALLY believing in karma for that slimy headed fucker.

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