Wednesday, November 24, 2010

 So, everyday(Monday through Friday, anyway) I make two sandwiches for my daughters to bring to school.Well, actually, I make the sandwiches the night before, if you must know. Every night, two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches(until recently, it was two jelly sandwiches, but the girls have decided that they no longer dislike peanut butter and jelly together) with the crusts cut off.
   Recently, we were shopping at Publix and we found something that changed the game. It is called the Wonder Sanwich Seal'r n' Decruster. It removes crusts & seals bread. It allows you to "Make your own Crustless Delights". It is MAGICAL!! What follows is a pictorial essay of my making of my own Crustless Delights.


Ms. Lauren said...

This is amazing. I do have one question: Does it work on non-Wonder bread? Proprietary formats really stick in my craw.

Paticus said...

Ms. Lauren- It is open platform. We currently use it on Publix Honey Wheat bread. It does help if the bread is on the larger size, but is not a "dealbreaker" as LL would say.