Monday, January 10, 2011

Emergency Barbie Surgery

That's right. One of my daughters came to me this afternoon, and informed me that her Aurora(aka Sleeping Beauty) Barbie had been in a horrifying accident, and one of her arms had come off. She asked if there was anything I could do about it. After having her sign the requisite waivers of liability, I sprang into action.

  Here is what we were dealing with:

That's right, a total separation of the arm from the body. The only factor in our favor was that it was a clean break at the shoulder joint. I knew what tool I would need:

Steeling my nerves, I applied the solution liberally, but carefully:

 And here we have the patient, after the procedure:

  The patient is resting comfortably, it will be 24 hours before we know how limited her arm mobility will be. All we can do now is hope.


Avitable said...

Fuck the Barbie. Dude, your beard is outstanding!

digitorum-brevis? o: said...

'all we can do is hope'

digitorum-brevis? o: said...

all we can do now*

Paticus said...

Avitable- Thanks!
digitorum-you will be happy to know, Barbie now does have limited movement in her arm and shoulder.