Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kings of Leon Vs. Glee: I Really Shouldn't Care, BUT....

So, I'll get this out of the way first: I don't watch "Glee". I watched the first half of the first season, and then when the second half of the first season started, I simply lost interest, and I think the musical numbers are mostly pretty bad.
  I will also admit I am fan of Kings of Leon.I'm no Riff Randall for them or anything, but I think they are pretty good.
  So, you will have good case for bias on my part in this, but I honestly do not believe my opinion on this comes from a bias. Perhaps you can let me know when I'm finished.

  I don't know how much of this you have heard, so I'll give you the rundown quickly, and then give you my take on it.

  Apparently, the producers of "Glee" approached  Kings of Leon(and also Slash of Guns 'n' Roses) about using their music on the show. They both said no.I guess the main guy behind "Glee", Ryan Murphy didn't appreciate that, and he responded.

  Well, I guess the drummer from Kings of Leon heard about his response, and he tweeted a reply.

  Here's my thing: I think the reaction by the KOL guy was juvenile and idiotic, but I really don't think that it qualifies as homophobic.I think he was calling Rayn Murphy a bitch probably, but I don't see that getting a  manicure or wearing a bra has anything to do with being gay. Does it? I mean, it's a stupid, juvenile thing to say, but I think that the Huffington Post is being fairly inflammatory to use  the word homophobic in the headline.
   Here's my other issue with all this: What is up with this Ryan Murphy person? Is it really worth it to get that angry about someone not letting you use their music? I think he might be believing his own hype a bit. He's the producer of a hit tee vee show.He needs to stop drinking his own Kool-Aid.He needs to realize that not everybody loves his tee vee show, and not everyone will want him to butcher their music.

     And I think his little diatribe about "Glee" inspiring music education is a little egotistical. And by the way, 7 year olds? Is that show really appropriate for 7 year olds? That seems a little young for me.I think the themes are a bit more adult than that.
  So, I guess that's my take on that. Holy shit, I actually had a take on something.So, what do you think about all this brouhaha?


B.E. Earl said...

And didn't the KoL turn down a bunch of TV shows and films around the same time? Much ado about nothing. Ryan Murphy brought this on himself.

Paticus said...

Earl- Apparently they did. It's just bizzare. It's kinda like James Cameron's vendetta against Kenneth Turan of the L.A. Times because he didn't like Titanic. people are allowed to not like your show.