Thursday, January 20, 2011

Witness The Douchebag

This happened a few weeks ago, but I have not had a chance to share it with you until now.

  We had just gotten back into town from up North(Jersey), and we stopped at Publix  to pick up milk and bread and beer and some other necessities before completing our journey.

  My Special Lady went in and I stayed in the car with our kids. We chatted, and I watched people come and go from the store. I saw this one dude get out of his Beemer. You've seen this dude, wearing his hip jeans, and a dress shirt unbuttoned halfway, flip flops shaves his head because he's going bald(yeah, we can tell).He strutted his way to the store, and then exited the store a few minutes later.

  He struts on back to his car. Then he climbs back out of his car and starts walking back to the store with his empty plastic Publix bag in his hand. He reaches back and tries to lock his car with his key fob, but he has not closed the door, so the car won't lock or beep. he stops and turns back to the car, and appears to decide to close the door.

  Then(and this is where it gets magical), he instead walks towards a pickup truck that is parked a couple of cars away from him, and HE THROWS HIS BAG AWAY IN THE BED OF THE TRUCK!!! I literally rubbed my eyes because I could not believe what I saw. then he climbed in his car and drove away. It was possibly the most astounding thing I have ever witnessed. I mean, what a fucking douchebag! Who the fuck would even think to do that? Use someone else's pickup truck as a dumpster?

  Am I way off on this? Is this not a big deal?

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