Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Is It Just Me...

Or if you are going to write a whole post about the worst Oscar winners, shouldn't you also include who you thought should win?
  I'm not gonna bother linking to the post, because it's pretty lame and I don't really want to provide the site with any traffic.
  And I don't necessarily disagree with some of their choices, but it seems that it has more to do with a political agenda,and not so much with any valid film criticism. And that wouldn't even bother me so much, if they said, "oh that so and so is such a bleeding heart liberal weirdo, AND this so and so should have won instead" , but except or thinking that "Saving Private Ryan" should have won Best Picture over "Shakespeare in Love"(not an opinion I agree with, but I don't really care for either picture, so I don't have a horse in that race), they don't seem to offer an alternative to whomever or whatever might have won. That just seems like poor criticism to me.

  Here's an example: I think that it is a travesty that "Ordinary People" won the Best Picture Oscar because it was a bad afterschool special AND it was running against "Raging Bull", which should have won. See what I mean?

  Or is it just me?

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