Thursday, February 17, 2011

"So, Kevin Smith and I Were Walking Over To Mick Jagger's House..."

Yep, that's the dream I had last night, and then I was surfing the tubes this morning, and I saw that my pal Earl had posted about Mr. Smith this morning, and I knew that the planets were telling me to regale you all with my a re-telling of my dream...

  Actually, there is not that much to tell, Kevin Smith(Silent Bob), Jason Mewes(Jay), Brian O'Halloran(Dante Hicks), Jeff Anderson(Randal) were all walking through this town(which, truth be told, looked an awful lot like Tenafly, the small town in New Jersey where I grew up) and rapping with each other...It was sort of like a less wholesome version of "Stand By Me" or something...But we were going to visit Mick jagger's house, to see if we could convince him to give us the rights to use "Under My Thumb" in a movie we were all making(just slight delusions of grandeur on my part, but what the hey, it's a dream right?).

  We never did get to see Mick Jagger(we also did not almost get hit by a train, or attacked by my brother Kiefer Sutherland and his gang of thuggish buddies), but we DID get to his house, and the front door of the house was this huge replica of the Stones lips and tongue logo, with the front walk also being painted like a tongue.

  We walked up to the door, we all looked at each other, took a deep breath, and...I woke up.


B.E. Earl said...

Good thing you woke up. Seeing Mick would've made it a nightmare.

c2 said...

Sometimes it's about the journey, rather than the destination.