Thursday, April 07, 2011

Paticus' Dream Number 2,456,789,567,893,216

Okay, I have no idea what number dream this actually was, but there was just enough weird shit in it that I thought I'd share with you, dear reader(don't laugh, there are a couple of people who MIGHT read it).

  In this dream, I was having this really extreme Murphy's Law days(not to be confused with my extreme Murphy Brown days, which are really none of your business), where simply EVERYTHING was going wrong. I cannot recall all the things that went wrong, but I do remember that my car ended up in the middle of the lawn, and the garage door had some SERIOUS issues; It wouldn't go down all the way, then it wouldn't go up all the way, and finally, it went up really fast, flew off the rails and smashed into a million pieces(in my dream I could count them, I had one of those Dustin Hoffman/Rain Man moments) against the back wall of the garage.

  After counting the pieces of the shattered garage door, I turned to enter my house, and there were two guys(clearly goons) standing menacingly(see, I told you: goons) at the entrance to the garage. I apparently knew who they were(or at least for whom they worked), as I said: "what are you guys doing here?"

  "You know why we're here." they replied. And I guess I did, because I decided to enter the house rather than continue the conversation. Here was the kicker, they had a remote control to the door to my house! They Locked me out of my own house from across the garage!! Let me tell you, that is BAD technology for goons to have, man.

 I still don't know what they were there for, as I woke up as they approached me, but i don't think they were there to help me alphabetize my cds.

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