Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dream Journal Entry 20345678905:Of Whippits and Police Raids

It was one of those dreams where you kinda start in the middle. I found myself in a small house that appeared to be in some sort of desert community, or at least what my subconscious pictures as a desert community, or maybe a beach community? It doesn't really matter, I suppose.

  It felt like I was visiting someone, but I clearly felt very comfortable in their house. I was waiting for them to return, and I was also waiting for My Special Lady to show up with our daughters.

  While I was waiting, I had the front and back doors to this one level house open. The windows were open as well, and I was playing some music pretty loudly...I think it was the Velvet Underground's "Beginning To See the Light".

  I was walking around the house, singing along to the music, and I had a large glass of  bourbon and ginger ale on the bar that separated the main room and the kitchen. In my hand, I had a seltzer charging bottle, from which I was dispensing myself some whippits.

  I wandered to t5he front door of the house as I did a whippet, and I saw a police car passing the house...I froze in my tracks. The police car kept going, but I was CERTAIN that he had seen what I was doing. he was going to turn a round and come back, and that would be that.

  Thinking quickly(and very clearly)...I decided that the only thing to do was to completely dismantle the seltzer charging bottle; That way, there would be no evidence that there were any whippits being done.

  Is at down on the floor of the house and started taking the thing apart. I was working feverishly, as I was sure the cop was seconds away from showing up at the door.This thing just kept breaking down into smaller and smaller pieces.I initially thought it would take me like a minute or two to dismantle it, but there was always another piece.I would unscrew one piece, and it would produce two more pieces that had to be taken apart...It was like living that old time Faberge shampoo commercial:

Yeah, like that, but with seltzer charger pieces instead of young actresses.

More and more parts!!

  At some point, a friend of mine drove his boat sized Cadillac convertible up to the front door of the house, popped up above the windshield, and asked what I was doing.

  I told him I was trying to stay out of jail. He replied:"Oh, so I guess you don't want to go get some ice cream, huh?" I told him maybe another time, and he drove off.

  I returned to to dismantling this seltzer bottle; It was now in hundreds of pieces, with no end in sight. I looked out the door, and still didn't see the cop. I decided that he must have a COPS crew with him, and they were simply setting up the raid. I kept working on dismantling the seltzer bottle....And then i woke up.

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